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I live in a house near the forest, where animals speak to me more than humans, and in their land I find myself free.


I don't own any photos I post/reblog, in less I state otherwise. If you find something that belongs to you, please kingly send an ask/message and I shall follow your instructions on what you would like me to do. (Delete/reblog yours if linked/change source, etc) In VERY old posts I used weheartit to get photos (I apologize to those who were upset), I NO longer use it and I reblog/ post my own. =)


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I don’t even feel bad posting with the name. What the fuck?

snowy sticky note set

by: しまぷ

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**


From my trip to Myeongdong, South Korea! 


From my trip to Myeongdong, South Korea! 


This was taken in January 2014. So it’s more of a winter outfit xD
Brands (that I post/have posted ) -
Bonbon Cardigan
Liillilly Skirt
Tutuanna Tights

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